Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Top-up Viwawa Cash using your M1 number!

Good news for M1 customers! Now you can top-up Viwawa Cash using your M1 postpaid number via Codapay! This service is great because:
  • You don’t need to register in advance: all you need is an M1 postpaid number and you’ll be able to top-up within seconds.
  • You don’t need to leave home to buy a voucher: you can top-up online, and the Viwawa Cash are added to your account immediately.
  • You don’t need to have a bank account or credit card: all you need is an M1 postpaid mobile number.

To make a purchase using Codapay:

1. Goto Top-up Cash.
2. At the bottom of the page, Select the M1 logo, and Click on Click here to pay by mobile.

3. Enter your mobile number when prompted.
4. You’ll receive an SMS that contains a 3-digit security code.
5. Enter the 3-digit security code in the modal window.

That’s it! The Viwawa Cash will be added to your account immediately, and the charge will appear on your next M1 monthly bill. For questions or help completing a transaction, send an email to support@codapayments.com.


Friday, April 11, 2014

Kings And Legends New Events! "Ascend the Tower", "Gift for Top Up"

Event Name: Ascend the Tower
Event Time:2014/4/10 15:30 ~ 2014/4/17 23:59

Event Description:
During event period, achieving certain ascension levels allows players to earn rewards.

Ascension tower level 35: Tower Coins x 20, Crystal Pack (Epic) x 2
Ascension tower level 40: Tower Coins x 30, Crystal Pack (Epic) x 3
Ascension tower level 45: Tower Coins x 40, Crystal Pack (Epic) x 4
Ascension tower level 50: Tower Coins x 50, Crystal Pack (Epic) x 5

Event Guide:
1.By completing set levels in the Ascension Tower, Heroes can claim additional prizes.
2.Each reward can only be claimed once.
3.After clicking 'Claim Rewards', the rewards will be sent to your inbox. Click 'Get All' to add them to your Hero inventory.

Event Name: Limited Time Offer
Event Server: All server
Event Time: 2014/4/10 15:30 ~ 2014/4/14 23:59

Event Description:
Buy a 200 Gold pack and receive: 1,000 Sliver Gift Pack x 2 and Crystal Gift Pack(Rare) x 1
Buy a 400 Gold pack and receive: 1,000 Sliver Gift Pack x 4 and Crystal Gift Pack(Rare) x 2
Buy a 750 Gold pack and receive: 10,000 Sliver Gift Pack x 1 and Crystal Gift Pack(Rare) x 3
Buy a 1500 Gold pack and receive: 10,000 Sliver Gift Pack x 3 and Crystal Gift Pack(Rare) x 5 and Ring of Bravery (Rare) x 1

Buy +800 Gold and get: Eacann the Charger (Epic)
Buy +9000 Gold and get: Eacann the Charger (Legendary)

Event Guide:
1.During the event, players will receive bonus if their top-up reaches certain amount every time.
2.During the event, players will receive an additional card reward if their total top-up has reached certain amount.
3.Total top up reward will be claimed once only, while bonus for top up every time will be distributed to players repeatedly.
4.Once the top up amount has been confirmed, rewards will be distributed to gamers by system generated mails automatically.


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kings and Legends PlayStation 4 Promotion Winners

Crimson ribbons...
Broken blades...
The champions of the great campaign stand victorious!

Congratulations to the THREE winners chaufattSickio and Chiberus!

Each of them walks away with the great prize - a Sony Playstation 4!

* Winners will be contacted by Viwawa Private Message.


Buffet Wars Easter 2014 Event

Event Duration
7th to 22th April 2014

In the coming Easter, buckets of paint and eggs will be available as free drops in Buffet Wars PVE games. These, together with the correct recipes, can be used to create a limited edition set of easter egg dishes! They have minimal damage, but you'll never know when these dishes will come in handy!

* VSF members get 50% more event drops!

Players who successfully obtain all 3 easter eggs will be eligible for an Easter 2014 badge after the end of the event.


Monday, April 7, 2014

Beli Pake Pulsa Indosat, Esia in Indonesia now available for Viwawa Topups

The convenient mobile phone Pulsa Indosat, ESIA are now available for use to topup Viwawa Cash. Do check out the attractive rates offered!

In the topup page, look under Other Methods to get Viwawa Cash and click on 

For more information on PulsaQ, go to https://www.pulsaq.com/customer-faq/


Shooting delay adjustments [April 2014]

There are some adjustments today to the implementation of delay from your shots.

1) Delay of dish per turn instead of per projectile
Previously, delay is calculated per projectile, so when you use skills with multiple projectiles or shoot during Buffet Mania, your overall delay is almost doubled.

Now, the delay of your dish is only added ONCE per turn.

In effect, the delays of players will be shorter, especially in Buffet Mania.

This does not affect the NPCs since they can only shoot 1 projectile per turn.

2) Reduced delay for missed shots
To help weaker players, the delay of the dish for that turn will be halved if you fail to hit anyone (including yourself) in your shot.

This only affects human players for now and does not affect NPCs.


Friday, April 4, 2014

Viwawa Quiz #15 Results

The Question:
In Bubble Ninja, what is the first Gentle Fist Skill you can learn?

The Answer:
Hundred Palms of Fury

The winners are:

All prizes have been credited to the winners, congratulations! 

Remember that to qualify for the quiz, you must state your gamer ID and include the correct email subject. Please also make sure the spelling for your answer is correct too. This month we had several players selected to be winners by the system but were disqualified because the answer was misspelt.

Hundred Plam of Furry is incorrect.