Monday, September 22, 2008

GCA 2008, The Aftermath

What a fantastic time we had at the Games Convention Asia 2008. It was great to see some of our players coming over to say hi!

We love your support and suggestions always! Can't wait for the next Viwawa event. =)
Here are some snippets over the 3 exciting days.

Lvl 3 Viwawa Booth at GCA 2008
At the booth located on Lvl 3, mainly for the business side of gaming. Response was good, with many interesting discussions in the future of gaming.

Viwawa Booth at GCA 2008T-Shirts and Calendars
Our lvl 4 booth, open to public. Did you pick up our pocket calendars, and some T-shirts? =)

Viwawa Ambassador Winner
Viwawa Ambassador Winner. A happy winner of a S$2700 phone.

FaceWawa Winner
Viwawa FaceWawa Winner. Proud winner of the iPod Touch.

Taking a pic with our Viwawa board!
Cute booth babes get together.

Young or old
Young or old....

... dead or alive, they all love our Wawas.

Youngest Gamer
One of our youngest gamer getting her hands on our games. Is that Admin in the background?

All in all, another great event. Hope to see you all again soon!

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Sophia said...

it's a pity i couldn't make it to the event. :(