Monday, September 15, 2008

New Stwack Skills!!!!

After eons of waiting, we've finally launched a new set of skills for the high-level Stwack players! For those who have not reached the required level yet, don't be discouraged, play on and you'll get there soon!

Here's an overview of the funky new skills...

Palm of Wawa - Level 50

We've been wanting to do this skill for a very long time!! A giant palm to piak your opponents to the ground. At level 50, its sure to hurt!!

Heavenly Stomp - Level 40

This is the most stylish move amongst the new ones. Impactful, and you get to STEP on your opponents! Ultimate insult? erm but don't get angry if you get stomped k?

Fire Helmet - Level 33

Some have complained that the bucket was good but ugly. Here comes the improved version that lets you look less stupid and get a better protection for your head too!

Cannot See Me - Level 38

Make yourself less visible to your opponents, hope they miss or deal less damage yea? This might be a start of a slew of ninjitsu related skills to come...

Vrksasana - Level 13

Vrksasana (go figure how to pronounce it) is a must have for any hard core Stwacker. A basic yet zen yoga pose to cultivate stamina healing at an accelerated pace, emitting a holy glow of silent power.

Stop idling!! Be a yogi~ :)

Thats it for now, looking forward to more new skills!!!


hau jia lin said...

i m hau jia lin i m a student . haha my gg account is monkeyhau. one month ago i play stwack i want the buddist hand but i cant get it i m so.. sad .. i think i m stupit people play long time than me also cantget it i think i also forever cant get it i no money n i also no lv how to get can u teach me

hau jia lin said...

i think i very very want the ----Palm of Wawa == Level 50 ,Heavenly Stomp == Level 40 ,Fire Helmet == Level 33 ,Cannot See Me == Level 38 and Vrksasana == Level 13

Shinning Tears said...

i am derrick97. so hard to reach so high level . can u teach me a short cut? thx and give me 1100 cash . please i wan create wawa