Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Groword Skills Unlimited!

Horray! There is now no limit to the number of skills we can use in-game. Groword sometimes will give you skills which you can use while playing! :)

How to get it:

Besides bringing a skill in prematch, you can form a word with 1 or more bonus tiles (Which one? The one in red color!) and you might get a "BONUS SKILL" (YEAH!!!)

There are 3 different kinds of skills for now:

   1) Pray for rain: Pray to GM for some water for your flowers. Doesn't always work though, so don't be surprised when you see a big cloud with only 1 drop of water... then it misses your flower. :(

   2) Swap Tile: Enables you to switch 2 adjacent tiles. Don't underestimate this, it may help you get a letter too far away from you. 

   3) Replace Tile: Having common letters like "S" is the ideal case. (most words can have a "S" behind to lengthen the word) If not, don't be disappointed, use them to remove common tiles to disrupt others. (* evil grin) 

Notice that in the Groword shop, there is a skill which can only be gained in-game. (money can't buy you everything) - Replace tile skill

As the chinese saying goes: "The old ones don't go, the new ones wouldn't come" (who cares if it is the proper translation.) You cannot keep them after the game.

Enjoy our newest installment on Viwawa!


Potato Princess said...

Groword is great!! Love the country music and the different flowers u can grow! Can add baby's breath inside? Love that!! Even though its not exactly a main flower..
Oh ya, probably can change the 'teh' timeout buzzer sound.. =)

seebist said...

by the way, groword no trophy yet?

Venezia_coldblooded said...

HOW COME I keep on having disconnected from the server in this game??
is it too many players???