Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Viwawa introduces Groword!!!

While travelling across Earth, Wawas found a farmhouse and decided that they will grow flowers as a pastime. Not just content with this newly found gardening hobby, our Wawas had the whackiest idea of what fertilizers they will shower on their beloved flowers.

Groword is a puzzle game of forming words given letters on a board. You form words by linking adjacent letters. Every word formed gives you water for your flowers to grow and bloom!

Relax yourself, form words, water your flowers and watch your garden bloom!


tk2f07 said...

Groword is a nice game. But somehow, the making of words is too limited. Maybe by having choices of board size is possible?

seebist said...

yes!! sometimes very hard to find words coz got too few vowels. and the tiles are kinda big.

~ MobileXIII ~ said...

Lol, if big tiles cannot find word then smaller tile is even worse. :-P

Choice of board size sounds good. However, many scrabble quest game only has 4X4 board so wonder if it is good if game board becomes too big?

** Disclaimer!!!
This is my personal opinion and does not represent the stand of viwawa or whatsoever.

metaphase said...

Fun game but there's no shortcut to quickly clear wrong words entered.

It's not challenging enough, the board should be larger and the font should be changed to one that is easily viewed at a glance.

PapayaSyrup said...

i cant play any game in viwawa!!?????