Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Viwawa Setup at GCA

Went down to Suntec City Convention Center this evening to setup for GCA. Kinda neat to see the place before the crowds start coming in tomorrow.

Please note that we have an additional booth at the GCA, Suntec City Convention Center, Hall 403-404, Booth #R206. The Viwawa T-Shirts, prize collection and gadget skin designing will be there! =)

Level 3, Gallery Area, IDA Singapore Pavilion Booth No: 8

Lvl 3 Gallery Booth
Surroundings still in a mess around our booth.

Gallery Booth Entrance
Can you see Pendulab somewhere there?

Level 4, Hall 403-404, MOL Booth #R206

Our booth's at the back, Hall 403-404

A great looking booth from MOL. Look for us here. We're just around the corner!

Star Wars Forced Unleashed!
Saw someone demoing the new Star Wars Forced Unleashed, using Wii. It's sooo cool!

WALL.E. Loved the movie, liking this too.

Other games.
Just a brief view of other games. Want to see more? Come join us tomorrow!

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