Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!

Yesterday, 18th Nov is Mickey's birthday! Guess how old is he? He's 80! According to The Straits Times, Mickey first appeared in the movies at the Colony Theater in New York on 18th Nov, 1928.

As a tribute to Mickey, some of our Viwawa Wawas (randomly selected) have come forward to wish Mickey a very Happy Birthday!





Got any birthday wishes for Mickey? Or you have also created a nice Disney Wawa? Leave us a comment here and we might put it up!


Anonymous said...

Happy 80th birthday Mickey!!
I'm happy that i share the same birthday with Mickey Mouse which is on 18th Nov that's why i love Mickey Mouse very much...

Anonymous said...

my birthday is same with Mickey too n_n...

i was happy about that ...
Love Mickey Mouse..

_18th Nov 92_ n_n