Monday, November 24, 2008

Viwawa Round Table Nov 2008, The Aftermath!

What a great time we had at our Viwawa Round Table, held at Game Haven on the 21st Nov 2008. We want to thank all the gamers who graced this occasion, and we truly hope that you enjoyed yourselves, meeting us, and fellow gamers too. We value your feedback, and thank you again in making Viwawa a fun place to be.

As promised, here are some of the pictures that our shutterbugs took during the event.

Game Haven, where we hosted the event.

We came early for setup, and guess what, we found Guitar Hero!!!!

We've a rock star in the making!!!

Each registered gamer is colour coded to the staff that are assigned to them. Anyone you might know?

We provided dinner for our gamers, and of course, ourselves too. Food ain't too bad. =)

While awaiting our gamers, we had a round or 2 of Viwawa'ing.

2 Bouncers.. or.. WaBounce? Helped us to direct gamers to our area on the 5th floor.

A quick intro and briefing, while some are having their meals.

2 of 4 groups that we had. Your feedback and ideas 'flying' around.

Prize Winners
At the end of the Round Table, we had a small lucky draw event, as a small thank you gesture to all who came all the way down here. We made sure everyone had something to take away!

Golden Village Tickets Winner

Garskin Skins Winners

Specially designed Viwawa Round Table 2008 Cashcards Winners

Finally, a group picture of everyone there!

Finally, just a last thank you to all who made this event such a great success! Happy Viwawa'ing!


Anonymous said...

where is viwawa country of origin? O.O?

Comedian said...

Singapore I guess

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

wow,,success for viwawa :D

Tech Dropper said...

Copied from the blog:
About Viwawa

Viwawa is an online casual gaming website that brings players together, playing their favourite games! Our motto is 'Why Play Alone', when you can do it making friends and having fun!

We are a passionate group of developers that are dedicated to creating and designing simple but entertaining online games. Built and conceived in Singapore, Viwawa strives to bring the fun-loving into a network of exciting casual gaming.

Anonymous said...

who is that guy giving out the prizes?