Friday, December 5, 2008

New Viwawa Merchandise, and More!!

We have introduced various updates to our Viwawa Merchandise line! You can now buy new Viwawa Cashcards, Christmas and New Year backgrounds and more!

Viwawa Cashcards
We first introduced our special Viwawa printed Cashcards during our Round Table 2008 last month.

Now, you can customize your own Viwawa Cashcards. Put your Wawa on them, select a background and you can place text there too! The Viwawa Cashcard will be sent straight to your given delivery address, placed in our Viwawa packaging, a perfect gift for someone you love (or only like, =P)!

Note: the Viwawa Cashcards have no cash value.

Viwawa Garskin Gadget Skins Reduced Prices
We have now reduced the costs of our Viwawa Garskin Gadget Skins to reflect their new prices.
DSLite:S$26.90 S$19.90
EZLink/Card Sized Skins:S$6.90 S$5.90
IPOD 30/80GB:S$29.90 S$24.90
IPOD Nano 2nd/3rd Gen:S$29.90 S$19.90
IPOD Touch:S$34.90 S$24.90
Generic Laptop 14"/15"/17":S$49.95 $40.90
MacBook 13":S$64.95 $49.90
MacBook Pro 15"/17":S$64.95 $54.90
PSP/ PSP Slim or Lite:S$25.90 $19.90
See them here

Viwawa Garskin Gadget Skins Free Delivery!
From now on, all purchases of our Viwawa Garskin Gadget Skins will enjoy free delivery! Just make a minimum amount purchase based on where the skins are to be sent, and enjoy a free delivery straight to your doorstep!
Free Delivery to:
- Singapore with a minimum of S$30
- Malaysia & Brunei with a minimum of S$35
- Countries in Asia and Pacific (except Australia, Japan and New Zealand) with a minimum of S$40
- Rest of the world with a minimum of S$55

New Cashcard and Garskin EZLink/Card Size Backgrounds
Yes, Christmas and the New Year is coming, so we are introducing new backgrounds exclusively to our Viwawa CashCards and Garskin EZLink/Card sized skins.
Here are some of the new designs.

Go to our online store
and see more!

We hope all of our gamers have enjoyed their merchandise so far. Stay tuned for more updates!


Anonymous said...

hi,, how to get the viwawa's cashcard...
by: player of indonesia

psp slim skins said...

These are cool, and the reduced price make them irresistible, I will have at least a couple of them.

Anonymous said...

how can pay with cash?

The Big Cat said...

Hmm, you can actually create and buy the items first, then select the 'Pay By Cheque' option.
After you have come to our office to pay via cash, we will proceed with payment. =)

MacBook 13 said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey i really some of them , do they deliver to our home ( inperson) or to our mail box? How do we pay? Where is the office?