Friday, January 2, 2009

CAPL Sushido Championship 2008 Coverage

We've finally uploaded the CAPL Sushido Championship 2008, held at E2Max at Orchard Cineleisure. Our first ever on site gaming competition, it was great to see our gamers and their supporters come out in full force to try to out 'sushi' their opponents.

E2MAX!!!! Where it's all happening.

The Compaq AMD Pro-Gaming League. Brought to you by Rapture Gaming.

PCs, loaded and ready.

Our Gamers are eagerly waiting to rock & roll

Registation taking place with Rapture gaming partners.

Waiting for the action to begin!

Rapture Gaming Marshall: Once you have finished your game, wait for me to record your score before you proceed.

Game 1 Match 1. Ready?

Where is my octopus??

Fish, fish, fish. I need fish!

True sportmanship, getting to know your opponent face to face!

Yeah, I won!

The cheerleaders

Making new friends all the time...

... and so are we ...

... same here :)

Did I passed the knock out stages?? Did I?

Marshall, please do you work and stop chit chating

Get ready for Round 2...

It's just you and me now. For the Queen.

Yes! For the Queen.

King's finalist

Queen's finalist

And the Winners are...

All Hail King Shaoo

All Hail Queen MingMH

We've had a great time, meeting all our Sushido players. This was also a chance for them to make some friends, not only through avatars and online messages. We also hope all of them had fun, and we will organise future events as fun as this one!


Anonymous said...

i love all viwawa games,and I love stwack the best.

But,there is some skills need cash.I'm poor and I think someone is more poor than me.

So, please turn these cash into gold.

Anonymous said...

Actually some items only cost less than $1. Maybe you can just buy $2 or $5 cash loh.
But use it wisely... =)

Anonymous said...

you all must create more skills. like megapunch,kick..... (gold)

Anonymous said...

Have more tournaments! maybe for other games too!

Anonymous said...

u all have to create more games