Monday, January 5, 2009

Disney Dressup Party Voting phase

A big Thank You to all our gamers who have spent the time and effort to participate in this event. The submission period has ended but the voting phase is now on!! 

So Viwawa Gamers, what are you waiting for? Go check out these designs and vote for your favourite!!
Vote Now!!!


Anonymous said...

I only wanted to vote for certain designs but can't go to the next page. Why is it that the same design keep popping up and I need to vote at least for one before i can proceed to the set of design. Can't you format it to a viewing page where we can see all and zoom in to design we like to vote.

The Big Cat said...

The idea of the voting system is to vote for what you think is the best among those 4 that are randomly selected.
In this way, with volume, we can find out the ultimate design where most people like!
You can vote constantly, so you dun have to worry about running out of votes. =)

Anonymous said...

About randomly selected but not all appears 4 designs and some have 2 same design in a page and there's a page with only 1 design and we have to vote it in order to go to the next page. And yes.. I gladly agree with not running out of votes in this system. Thank you so much :D

~ MobileXIII ~ said...

The bug about showing 2 same design is fixed.

The reason why some designs keep popping out is because there is very few entries in some category.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I do agree with Anonymous. Maybe you don't get what he/she meant. Actually, for example, there are designs I can remember like MingMH's designs and one called The Perfect Wawas. Every 3 time I click, 2 times would definitely have their designs appearing. I think it's really unfair. Not only that, it's okay if it's only this way.. But! However I refresh, I see only the same few designs perhaps about 10-20 appearing over and over again. It seemed like I have to click a hundred times before I get to see one of any of my designs or my friend's. When this voting scheme started, till now, I seen only 2 designs from my friends. You all claim there's little submission, if so, where are my designs? And is there some kind of collaboration you all are having to help certain winners win the peagent? Pardon me for being rude, I'm just voicing out. Hopefully, you all can give me a good answer. Thanks alot. =)

~ MobileXIII ~ said...

You should not be able to vote for your own design so you should not be able to see it in the 4 design.

Each designs have a weightage which will descrease as gamers vote or not vote it(refreshing the page will not change the weightage of these designs)

This is done to give all designs at least a certain amount of exposure

Anonymous said...

not being rude..but did admin try voting or refreshing the page. What i did like Xanadu stated that I can't even view some of my friends' designs. I get to vote them on the 1st day and subsequently I don't see it anymore. I even get other friend to sign in to view but only many others designs keep popping up and the same design again and again. Can't see a few of my friends' designs. One friend's design popped up and no other friends' designs appear after our 30mins continue refreshing. It can't take so long to view all right???

Anonymous said...

I think you don't get what I mean at all. Yes I won't see my own designs that's true but I don't see any of my friend's single designs. Not at all. Ya right, I'm not a 3 year old kid yo. Do you even get what I mean? Whenever I click, every 3 times, 2 times will be the same designs which on average means I click 10 times, 6.5 times are the same designs. Let's name it design A. I'll see for 6-7 times within my 10 clicks. Like what Anonymous said, did you admin tried refreshing and all? Did you or not? If you guys didn't then I think you should for I think it's really unfair. Why can't I even view my friend's SINGLE design? -_- You people just keep avoiding my questions aren't ya? This pageant is such a faux.

Anonymous said...

I am also irked to see the same designs consistently appearing before me during voting! I am not in favour of the always voting for the best out of 4 to proceed to the next page of entries. I find the voting extremely bias in the case when only 2 designs come up on a page instead of 4! The only reason that comes to mind that this sort of voting system was implemented is because it was the most simple to program?!

I also have not seen some of my friend's designs so I don't find how it is weighted evenly. We should be able to at least choose which category we want to vote for instead of it randomly jumping about. Also I feel that "admin" should have reviewed the entries before posting them up for voting as it seriously bugs me to see all those naked wawas! Even Miss Universe wears a bikini on stage! ;)

Back to the voting topic... I think it's more fair to display ALL entries or let users review all and then have a limit of 5 votes or so to allocate to the 5 entries in each category that they like. I keep seeing naked or entries that I don't like but still have to vote for them to pass the page. I don't find it fair that those really good entries aren't getting my votes because they happen to "randomly" appear on the same page. How do we know that "admin" has not given some designs more exposure? We wouldn't really know right? You shouldn't let people doubt you guys... but sadly this voting leaves much doubt in my mind. Why did I waste my $ on buying the items if the voting is unfair?

No offence but I am really hoping to see an improvement in the voting system. Apart from the voting, keep up the good work on the games! =D

p/s. sorry for the long comment... I am really infuriated with the voting =) :: I come in peace ::

Anonymous said...

Hey all,
yah, got the same complaints too, but i think they changed it, as I managed to see some of my friends designs.

I heard that there was an algorithm of displaying all these designs, based on displaying some that were not voted, or some popular ones. Not too sure.

I've not seen the naked wawas already. Think they took them out?

Anonymous said...

I too i just see alot of same designs and do not have my friend designs so i thick viwawa much put a link so that it can refresh to the next page so it is more easy to vote too and if it can be we can choose the Category is better.

~ MobileXIII ~ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
~ MobileXIII ~ said...

Sorry for misunderstanding your point. Changes has been made to the voting system.

Refresh button added to page.