Monday, January 19, 2009

Sneak! Harvest Time.

Harvest time is approaching, are you ready? Grab and secure that bag of rice!

Here's a sneak peek at Viwawa's latest offering, Harvest Time.

Harvest Time is a climbing game that requires 3 players. No more, no less. In each game, 2 players will co-op to vs the "landlord". The aim for each team is to play out all his cards in valid combinations. Speaking of combinations, there's loads of them!

Check it out here for more details regarding the general rules.

Pick up and master a new card game at Viwawa, your favorite gaming site, this Lunar New Year! No better way to spend it. :)

Look out for the launch of Harvest Time any time this week!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

quite a headache game.. got so many cominations to rmb sia..haha.. muz quickly familiarise and remember all of them b4 the game starts. Btw, does it mean the game will probably be launched next week during the lunar new year ar? (:

The Big Cat said...

Tat's why this is posted sometime b4 the game is released, so that gamers are able to read up and get to know the game.

As for the release date, it should be soon.. =)
*trying to be mysterious...

Anonymous said...

=.=" i read already still can't get wat's the game about and how to play... ZZzz.. =.="

Anonymous said...

Hello hello.. The game link is out. I juz saw it. but it was still a broken
link. so means what? Haven ready then dun make us 空欢喜一场啦。。LOL

Anonymous said...

VII0 here..
Admin please inform all the gamers after u fixed those reported bugs..
bugs i found:
1. no button during game ply
2. auto kicked out after join a room