Friday, February 27, 2009

Stwack Spring Championship 2009 Results

After intense rounds of fighting, the champion and runner up for our Stwack Spring Championship 2009 has emerged!


Runner Up

Our champion, runner up and all our finalists who logged in to play will obtain exclusive badges and Wawa parts. To view how they progressed in the championship, click here to see the table!

All hail our Stwack champion!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Wahlords Boss - Ragnor'ri

The new boss, Ragnor'ri has emerged in Wahlords! When this stone golem stomps the lands, there will be NO ARMAGEDDON and every player will have to cooperate and fight together to defeat this evil boss within a set number of rounds. He's difficult to defeat, even for the veterans. Only with the right strategy will the ultimate Wahlord emerge victorious!

Demonic Equipment Set
This perfected demonic set is as powerful as any in the mortal land of Wahlords, but lasts only for a month after being brought to the mortal world. Known to be carried around by the evil Ragnor'ri, the Wahlord who defeats Ragnor'ri may be awarded one of these demonic relics. Who will be the first to collect the entire set? Take a screenshot and show us! :)

For more information on Ragnor'ri and the Demonic Set, please visit our forum.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Interschool E-gaming Challenge 2009

Represent your school to be the best of the best Sushi Chef in Interschool E-gaming Challenge 2009, Viwawa Sushido Competition. Click here for more details and registration. Registration is still open!

Cash prizes to be won!

1st: S$300.00 worth of CapitaVoucher
2nd: S$200.00 worth of CapitaVoucher
3rd: S$100.00 worth of CapitaVoucher

Make your school proud!


Friday, February 20, 2009

New Disney wawa items - Princess Collection.

Viwawa has rolled out new Disney wawa items. Give your wawa an air of grace and elegance with ballroom dresses from Belle and Cinderella. Or choose to give your wawa a lively princess look and feel with items from Ariel and Snow White. If those are not really what you want, mix and match their items and be a princess you always dream about. So what are you waiting for? Come create your princess here now.

And what's more!!! Stand a chance to WIN a pair of Disney On Ice tickets when you buy our Disney wawa items. Click here to find out more!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Ayola Mr & Ms Sushido 2009!

Viwawa is heading down to Jakarta!

Join in the fun and compete to be Ayola Mr & Ms Sushido 2009 at Ayola Cyber Game Square on 28th Feb 2009.

Stand to win attractive prize!

Login and register here.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Magus is OUT!!!

Yes!!! The long awaited game "Magus" is live in Viwawa. Call your friends, grab your staff and robe and get ready for some spell-blasting. Play now!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Be the Romantic you always dreamed about!

Ever thought of expressing your love to that special someone? Get her or him to play Viwawa and go to LoveBeat!! LoveBeat is Viwawa's special online dedication service, where your love message is broadcasted to everyone playing Viwawa.

Go to

and surprise your loved ones or even friends today!

Hey, you can even use Viwawa LoveBeat to send warm wishes to everyone in Viwawa!

What's stopping you? Let others see the warm side of you today.

Traffic police game in Viwawa.

The traffic police game "Don't Drink and Drive" is ending next week in Viwawa. Prizes will be given to the top weekly winner as well as to the top 3 overall Viwawa gamer. So if you have not tried this game, play it now.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Viwawa Heartstrings Competition

Has Viwawa brought you closer to your loved ones? We have heard of new romances blooming. Families told us of how they bonded together from playing games at Viwawa. We want to hear from you!

Blog about how Viwawa has brought you closer to your loved ones and we will give away a pair of webcams and a pair of special edition Viwawa Couple T-Shirts!

Top Prize
2 x Microsoft LifeCam VX-5000 (Red)

Runner Up
2 x Special Edition Viwawa T-Shirts

Here's how to participate:

1. Publish your blog!
Write! Illustrate! Put photos! Post screenshots! Tell everyone about your story in the most touching or even humorous way you can.

2. Submit the URL!
Send your blog's URL and your login id to, or post your URL here! All entries must reach us by 27th Feb 2009.

Results will be published on this forum post on 2nd March 2009. Winners will be notified by email.

The judges' decision will be final and Viwawa reserves the right to amend the competition rules without notice.

Viwawa Feb 09 News: Love is in the air

Fly with our cupid to the Feb issue of our newsletter today!


Valentine's day Wawa

Valentime's day is around the corner, and we have released new Viwawa Disney Valentime's day Wawas! So go ahead and dress up your wawas in match with your special one!

Love is in the air...


Results for Disney Dressup Party

Horray!!! the results for Disney Dressup Party is out. Look at the winning entries here!


Monday, February 2, 2009

Sneak Peak of Magus

While our developers are working hard on the game, check out these screen shots teaser. Hehe


February Hot Sushi and New Skill

Its a new season in February 2009 and everyone's craving for the Mentaiko Inari (level 8), Supa Tamago (level 13) and Uni Toromaki (level 24) off our sushi stalls! With the insane demand, customers are paying almost twice as much for these sushis during this peak season and the sushi masters in Sushido are making a killing out of it!

This screen will display once you're logged in, so start serving them and take advantage of the special prices NOW before the craze ends!

To top it off, we have also released the final magic skill, the Magic Roe! This item will be at almost half the usual price for this month only, get it fast!

Click here to see more about Sushido.