Monday, February 2, 2009

February Hot Sushi and New Skill

Its a new season in February 2009 and everyone's craving for the Mentaiko Inari (level 8), Supa Tamago (level 13) and Uni Toromaki (level 24) off our sushi stalls! With the insane demand, customers are paying almost twice as much for these sushis during this peak season and the sushi masters in Sushido are making a killing out of it!

This screen will display once you're logged in, so start serving them and take advantage of the special prices NOW before the craze ends!

To top it off, we have also released the final magic skill, the Magic Roe! This item will be at almost half the usual price for this month only, get it fast!

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Anonymous said...

can we sell our item or skill back?

XWing said...

dun seem possible at the moment