Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Wahlords Boss - Ragnor'ri

The new boss, Ragnor'ri has emerged in Wahlords! When this stone golem stomps the lands, there will be NO ARMAGEDDON and every player will have to cooperate and fight together to defeat this evil boss within a set number of rounds. He's difficult to defeat, even for the veterans. Only with the right strategy will the ultimate Wahlord emerge victorious!

Demonic Equipment Set
This perfected demonic set is as powerful as any in the mortal land of Wahlords, but lasts only for a month after being brought to the mortal world. Known to be carried around by the evil Ragnor'ri, the Wahlord who defeats Ragnor'ri may be awarded one of these demonic relics. Who will be the first to collect the entire set? Take a screenshot and show us! :)

For more information on Ragnor'ri and the Demonic Set, please visit our forum.

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