Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Disney on Ice Winners! (Malaysia)

The winners from Malaysia have emerged! Congratulations to the following players for being the top 5 buyers of Disney Wawa items in Malaysia during the promotional period! Each winner walks away with a pair of tickets to the Disney on Ice:Princess Wishes show!






For players in Indonesia, you could be the next winner! All Disney Wawa item purchases from 20th Feb 2009 til the following deadlines will be counted for this promotion.

Indonesia: 11 April 2009 Midnight (+8 GMT)

Terms and conditions apply. Please visit this page for details.


CaN GrOuP WeBsiTe said...

Um, To be a "Disney on Ice Winner" What should I do? I need to make wawas that is fancy enough? Or make wawas that used many Cash? I don't really get it. And, how many ticket do we got if we wins the competition? I am from Indonesia... There is in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia ya? Please Reply me back:


The Big Cat said...

Hi Baby Beauty,
From the rules and regulations page:
You just need to be a top spender of the Disney items. Of coz, we will be showcasing your wawa, so make it nice! =)

Each winner will be getting 1 pair of tickets...

CaN GrOuP WeBsiTe said...

Well,thank you for your information... I just hope I could win... ^^ But, one more thing, what will happen if we have win the competition? Where do we get the ticket?

Thanks, Bye now...