Monday, March 23, 2009

IEGC 2009 Finals!

After 3 days of gruelling battles, the champion of IEGC 2009 Sushido Finals has finally emerged! Going down by the end of first 2 sets, huige fought his way back and won next 5! Incredible comeback!

Champion of IEGC 2009 Sushido Finals ~ huige

The following are highlights of the final day of the competition, featuring the semi-finals, finals and 3rd/4th play off.

The eventual 1st runner up.

2nd Runner-up! He's in the final 8 of the FIFA 09 Competition too!

Almost there at 4th

The winners, their medals and their CapitaVouchers! Shopping anyone?

Few of us with the Winners.

Hope to see more schools and participants next year! Do also look out for Viwawa at WCG 09, we want to see you there! :)


Anonymous said...

so good lor i was kicked out by Jaychouz in the last 8 i won the first 3 rounds!!!jaychouz give me yur voucher and medal haha

Anonymous said...

looking forward to WCG 09!! =)
esp taking part in viwawa games. =)

very happy to know so many friends in this competition. =)

lastly, grats yihui(huige) and jackson(JayChouz) for getting 1st and 3rd in viwawa sushido.

also thank viwawa staff and the director for being so friendly when we played the viwawa hourly challenge. =)

Anonymous said...

wow! well done winner! but the two player i play with them very hao yan but never mind now i going forward for the next sushido competition.

yuliangC said...

The sushido comp was nice :) i wanna join again
The viwawa director's formidable.
He thrashed me in groword :x
IGN: Whooperyoh

Daryl said...

hey guys.....did you heard that there will be a viwawa competition...i am going to kill all of them in sushido no lar jkjk just telling you guys only..........

Anonymous said...

Come to Canada and u will face more tougher competitors :)