Saturday, March 14, 2009

Live: Setting up in Funan!

We're now at Funan DigitaLife Mall, looking at Rapture Gaming staff hard at work, setting up for the Inter-school E-gaming Challange 2009. Funan certainly looks different at 1 am in the morning!
Things lying around in prep for setup

So many boxes, so many monitors

Looking forward to Xboxing later in the day

Need to have a good sleep tonite for the week ahead!


Anonymous said...

the suhido competition can go there and register on-the-spot?because the online is already closed so can i go there to register.

Anonymous said...

the sushido competition can i at funan it mall register on-the-spot?this is because the online register is alrdy closed.

LINDA GOH said...

the sushido competition can i go funan to register on-the-spot?

The Big Cat said...

Yup, registration is closed, but we are not sure if Rapture Gaming will allow on the spot registration. Please contact/email them at

OoooO said...

You can actually still take part in the Viwawa Hourly Challenge... It is fun. Get to play with ad-hoc competitors. I was there at Funan to challenge some guys... really cool. Way to go Viwawa!!