Thursday, April 2, 2009

Disney Gold Item of the Month

You've asked for it, and we've delivered..

Every month there will be a Disney item that will be purchasable by gold.

So keep watch!


RandomName said...

Admin, why Brunei dont have Disney Items? So sad.. :(

The Big Cat said...

Hi Alvin,

we are pleased to inform you that we are now releasing the Disney items for sale in Brunei too!

Thanks for supporting Viwawa!

lzov said...

hi admin
y i can't buy extra wawa if more than 8 ( need to pay cash 30 )
but i got cash 781
can u mind to help?

Xaken said...

Hi Izov,

You will need to spend at least 30 cash during the creation of any new Wawa beyond the 8th Wawa.

This means to create the 9th or more Wawa, you can buy some new Wawa items and choose to pay by Cash, and make sure the amount is more than 30. :)

Anonymous said...

Why the nice clothing also need cash to buy it wan. I suggest
more better if can use gold to buy it. Anyway, please give me a few cash to fill up my angryness.