Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Groword Competition Results!

The finals of the Groword Spring Tournament was met with great anticipation. Every finalist was a master, capable of twisting up insanely long words regardless of the boards presented to them. There were lots of exciting and dramatic turn of events where some competitors managed to turn the tides at the very last turn!

After 29 gruelling and intense matches, yuki79 and unionruler bulldozed their way into the grand finals! The grand finale was a best of 3 setup. After 3 nail-biting rounds, unionruler emerged victorious as the first Groword Tournament Champion! Congratulations!

Tournament Winner


Here are some exciting moments from the finals.

The very first turn was greeted with an 8-letter word!
Thats how things get heated up in the finals!

And the quality of gameplay doesn't stop there at all!

The finalists were neck to neck in forming long words!

yuki79 fights back from behind to take Round 1!

Round 2 starts with yet another 8-letter word!

Its non-stop heart pumping action in the finals!

unionruler fights back to even the score to 1-1!
These masters can create really beautiful gardens in this game! :)

A good show of sportsmanship as both players wished each other good luck while marching into the 3rd and final round of the finale!

Round 3 starts off on a slower note

Things are getting heated up

Starting to see the winner now!

Final round ends with a bang! unionruler takes the throne!

Viwawa would like to thank all participants who made this tournament a success. Every finalist is a winner, give yourselves a gigantic pat on the back! :)

For details on all the matches, check out the fixture results here.

Hope everyone had fun, we did!! Interesting to know that some of you wore the Viwawa T-Shirt while playing in the finals. lol. Looking forward to more competitions~~~!

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