Wednesday, April 15, 2009

King Mogera Roams Wahlords!

After several bouts of testing and heaps of anticipation from the players, the lava map is finally released!

Together with the map comes a new monster and boss!

King Mogera & Bulwark

King Mogera spawns in roughly 30 minute intervals in the Lava map. New tactics are required to defeat him! Upon defeating King Mogera, the player who dealt the most damage will receive a Lava Soul item or the Lava Rock.

Be careful when you tread the lava map though, for you MUST use a transport in order to walk over lava.

Fellow Wahlords, good luck!!!!


Anonymous said...

aiyoo i scare that king mogera how to kill him???

Anonymous said...

King Mogera moves 6 steps