Saturday, April 4, 2009

Limited Edition Easter Viwawa Designs now on sale!

In anticipation to the upcoming Easter weekend, we are releasing 5 exclusive limited edition designs for all our gamers.

You can purchase each design and have them printed on card sized stickers, or cashcards! Have them delivered straight to your doorstep, or you can collect them at our office at no extra charge.

Grab them fast, as they might hop away very soon!



Anonymous said...

will Sushido's ez-link skin design release?

viwawa lover said...

dear Viwawa

can disallow kick in 2-player games? i always get kick for no reason or sometimes after i win i get kick... then the person will faster rate my wawa low low and quickly block me. i bery sad... so unfair, wad did i do?????

The Big Cat said...

@ Anon 11:03
We may introduce Sushido designs in future limited edition releases, so stay tuned!

@ Viwawa Lover
you can send an email to our support staff for the logging of the problem. Thanks!