Thursday, April 9, 2009

Numeroid Z is here!

The new and improved Numeroid is here! Numeroid Z promises a better gameplay, and a new way to collaborate with your opponents. Work together to get bonuses, or save yourself with our all new Contingency Bubble!

New features
  • Work together with your opponents to get as much points as possible. Surpass the various stages to obtain the legendary Mathematician level!

    • Level 1 (0-999 points) Baby level

    • Level 2 (1000- 2999 pts) Student level

    • Level 3 (3000 – 4999) Teacher level

    • Level 4 (5000 - 9999) Professor level

    • Level 5 (>=10000) Mathematician level

  • For every 5 equations you make, you will get a Contingency Bubble that will help you clear the bubbles when you are in trouble.

  • A game is now limited to 5 minutes. Try to get the best score in that time!

  • A second row to create your equations is now added. Make longer sentences to get better scores!

  • Minimum score of 400 points is needed for a win. It is now useless to just keep hitting the bubbles. Make your equations to get more points, else you will lose!

Read more about the game in our game guide, or just start playing now!


Anonymous said...

eh.. 1000 points.. 4 ppl tgt also quite impossible de. cos u think.. each need to get average of 2500 points.. plus each time max length of equation is 200 points.. plus only 5 mions to get 2500 points = need to shoot down enough balls (shoot down balls also have some points) and form 10 - 12 max equations in juz 5 mins? Which team of 4 can really achieve a total of 10000 points? I salute u all..haha. (:

Gizmo said...

Its for the future levels I think. Probably have more items for higher levels that lets you get points at a faster rate.