Friday, April 3, 2009

Why upgrade Sushido ingredients?

Some of you might have already noticed the new Ingredient Upgrade I items for Fish and Roe. Many might be wondering... just how good are they? Will they give you any significant advantage in the game?

Basically, each level of upgrade for each ingredient will grant you bonus earnings of about $0.50 for each instance of that ingredient used in a recipe. I did some experiments, and here's a quick example of the bonus earnings you'd get with both the ingredient upgrades.

Level 3: Korodai
Requirements: 8 Fish
Earnings: $10 + $4 bonus

Level 10: Supaa Otoro
Requirements: 12 Fish
Earnings: $23 + $6 bonus

Level 16: Wasabi Tobiko
Requirements: 3 Fish, 8 Roe, 4 Egg
Earnings: $29 + $5.50 bonus

Level 24: Ishikari
Requirements: 10 Fish, 5 Roe
Earnings: $40 + $7.50 bonus

All earnings will be rounded off to the nearest dollar. See the difference yet? :)

You can buy the new ingredient upgrades from the item shop:
  • Fish Upgrade 1

  • Roe Upgrade 1
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    darren said...

    pls sell other upgrade like cucumber,egg,prawn,octopus upgrade 1 and all to upgrade 5 plsT_TplsT_Tpls PLS

    Vickyi said...

    how to top up cash??
    what is the e-pin??

    The Big Cat said...

    Hi Vickyi,

    you can top up cash via the 'Top-up Cash' banner button on our game page, or go directly to

    You use e-pin when
    1. you purchase our Viwawa Scratch Cards from Comics Connection
    2. purchase via MOL
    3. purchase via Cherry Credits

    Anonymous said...

    must we buy upgrade 1 before upgrade2 can be used? becaues eg fish upgrade1 is only available in cash but upgrade2 is available in gold. for those who dont wana buy cash can just buy upgrade2?

    The Big Cat said...

    @Anon, nope, u do not need to purchase upgrade 1 to get upgrade 2.