Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blog and Twitter Followers

We've been getting a few questions about following our Viwawa Blog and Twitter accounts, and we hope this post will clarify the issues.

Following us on Twitter
You need to create a Twitter account (if you do not have one), then go to our Viwawa Twitter account at You should see the 'Follow' button on the page, as shown below.

Click it and you're following us!

Following us on the blog
You can go to our blog at, and you would be able to see our 'Viwawa Followers' panel on the right.

Click on the 'Follow' button and perform the required steps from Blogger, and you're done!

Picking the winners every week
Every week, one lucky follower will be randomly chosen from this whole group of blog and Twitter followers, and 100 Viwawa Cash will be allocated to the Viwawa account.

Once we have declared the winning follower here in the blog, the follower must specify his/her Viwawa account by
  1. Twitter Follower
    Tweet the Viwawa profile together with '@viwawa', so we can see your reply.

  2. Blog Follower
    Update the profile with the Viwawa profile.

Happy Viwawa'ing!


Unknown said...

how u mean like "Tweet the Viwawa profile together with '@viwawa', so we can see your reply"

Is it mean like we type a words then must put @viwawa at the end?

The Big Cat said...

You can put the @viwawa anywhere in the tweet and it can be easily read by us.
You can go to our post to see the 2 links about Twittering.