Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tweet tweet... Viwawa's On Twitter!

Yes folks, Viwawa has finally gotten a Twitter account. We can no longer resist the temptation of shouting out our 140 characters worth of 'wisdom' (or nonsense =}) from the top of the cyber mountain.


Go into the minds of the Viwawa Team, or 'listen' in on our day to day activities in the office.

Update: You can learn more about Twittering at Twitter 101, and the Top 15 Twitter Acronyms.


Unknown said...

i already sign up on twitter,but when i try log in on viwawa blog twitter,it sat require a GET...what that mean?

The Big Cat said...

I think that is a problem with Twitter's flash widget in the blog. We might change the blog widget soon if time permits.

In the meantime, just go to http://twitter.com/viwawa directly. =)

Unknown said...

isee...thnx a lot^^