Monday, May 4, 2009

Viwawa @ Sarawak 2009

Cozee II Cyber Cafe, Kuching, Sarawak
25th April 2009

Champion: loveaandj
1st Runner up: monkeyboy94
2nd Runner up: darkloading

Here are some Pics of the event!

Challenge Begins!

Spectate! Support! Spectate! Support!

The top 4 winners!

Finally..the group pic :)


2nd May 2009

Champion: loiloi83
1st Runner up: hannming
2nd Runner up: zero9917

Here are some Pics of the event!

Well that's all folks! See you guys in KL coming June!


Anonymous said...

my eyes something's wrong? the champion lvl 1 and can be the champion??? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tech Dropper said...

Dun judge a Wawa by it's cover? Lol...

Anonymous said...

okay... i wont judge by it's cover anyhow, BUT, w/o even started 1 game in sushido before the tournament and can be the champion??? lol then how many ppl outside there who took part in 2008 CAPL or Ayola Mr & Miss Sushido 2009 those lvl who are much more higher and lose the tournament will be heartbroken?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the players in Sarawak are skillful enuff to no need to be high level and still win?


Anonymous said...

but i tot every tournament at least need min lvl 3 to join? no?