Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Level 2 Viwawa Clubs

We have introduced 2 new aspects to the Viwawa Clubs.

  • You can now level up your Clubs to level 2.


    • Same as level 1 Clubs.
    • Total members expanded to 20.

    • Gold (taken from Club Gold Fund): 80,000
    • Club Exp: 120,000
    • Club Monthly Upkeep: 10,000 gold/month

  • With level 2 (and higher) Clubs, there is now gold upkeep.

    What is upkeep? This is a monthly gold contribution that is taken from the Club Fund, and it's used to upkeep the various features of the Club.

    • What if the Club has not enough gold for upkeep?

      Some of the features might not work, and the experience gained from the members may not be recorded to the club. So get your members to start contributing! =)

We hope that all would enjoy the benefits of having a Viwawa Club. Stay tuned for the next level of Clubs, coming soon!

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