Monday, June 8, 2009

Viwawa Followers Contest Week 8th June 09

Our virtual pet hamster has picked our very first Twitter Follower for our weekly Follower Contest.

Congrats to

Mathew, we will be sending you a direct message via Twitter, please reply us with your Viwawa username so that we can award you your free 100 Viwawa cash.

Thanks for supporting Viwawa!


Anonymous said...

wow!yahoo!thankyou yes! username:madthew

The Big Cat said...

Hi Mathew, can you please use the winning Twitter account to send a direct message to the Viwawa Twitter account?

We have already sent you the direct message, just need you to reply with your Viwawa username. This is to make sure the Twitter account owner is correct.

Thanks! and congrats again!