Monday, July 6, 2009

Highlights @ WCG SG 2009

For many players, WCG Singapore 2009 holds special memories. 2 days of intense competition saw screams of joy and tears of disappointment. The champions emerged eventually on 5th July 2009 at the Suntec Convention Hall 404 to receive the top prizes of S$1000 each.

We saw curious looks as the finalists peered around wondering how their opponents looked like in real life. Our competitors ranged from little 7 year olds to almost 70 years old, and we even had an all-female top-4 finale in Sushido -- never seen before at an event like WCG! There were stressed faces, laughter, and smiles of victory. Above all, many new friends were made in the Viwawa community. Join our Facebook Page to view the complete photo albums for the event!

A big thank you to all who participated, especially those who made a special trip down to Singapore. It would not have been possible without you, and we definitely will organize events like this again!

Congratulations all the finalists and top winners!!

WCG Stwack

1st Runner Up

2nd Runner Up


WCG Sushido

1st Runner Up

2nd Runner Up


WCG Groword

1st Runner Up

2nd Runner Up


Here are some photo highlights from the event...

Sushido Finalists

Groword Finalists

Stwack Finalists

Sushido Finalist

Sushido Finalist

Sushido Finalist

Groword Finalists

Groword Finalist

Groword Finalist

Stwack Finalist - That's the smallest size they had for him?

Stwack Finalist - Looks like a successful move there!

Stwack Finalists - Clarifying issues with the marshals

Stwack Finalists - YEAAHHHHHHHRGH!!

Stwack Finalists

Sushido Final 8 - Only 1 guy?

Sushido All-Girl Final 4

Groword Final 4 - Before the finale

Groword Grand Final - Everytime he did that, a long winding 8-letter word appears!?

Groword Final supporters watching anxiously and forming their own words in their minds

Stwack Winners

Sushido Winners

Groword Winners

All Viwawa Prize Winners

For more photos from the event, check out the 2 albums at our Facebook Page! Remember to join as a fan! :)


mathew said...

wow! bravo to all the player so sad that i go in to the 2 rounds i first round lost alrdy it ok.

homework said...

haha a big thank you to all the organizers too. both the viwawa personnel and the marshals braved fatigue to keep everything running smoothly. the success of this event definitely wldn't have been possible without them.

Anonymous said...

congratulation to all viwawa player that in WCG SG 2009.cheers
rox viwawa