Thursday, July 30, 2009

Top Up Viwawa Cash from Excelcom (Indonesia)

Viwawa now supports Viwawa Cash topups from Excelcom sms payment, following Telcos Indosat(IM3), Indosat(Satelindo), and Telkomsel.

A big thanks to all our Indonesian gamers for all the patience and the long wait! =)


RandomName said...

Admin, why Brunei can't get cash using SMS? Please reply, thanks. :)

Francis said...

hi! alvin Liaw ! Do u want to Buy Viwawa Credit in Brunei ? You can Buy CherryCredit in Brunei, then top up CherryCredit change to Viwawa Credit . If anything you can call me (Francis) +60168782101 or Email : . TQ!!