Monday, July 20, 2009

Viwawa Followers Contest Week 20th July 09

Quack quack! Our virtual pet duckie has picked a winner. We have a special number of 444 total followers!

Out of 240 Blog and 204 Twitter followers, duckie has picked yee_1998 as our free 100 Viwawa cash winner for this week!

Congrats to yee_1998!

Please either include your Viwawa username in your Blogger profile, or simply use your Blogger account to comment on this post with the username, and we will credit that Viwawa account with the free 100 Viwawa cash.


yee_1998 said...

oh i am the winner

yee_1998 said...

but i am not sure what to do as i using my blogger acc to post

The Big Cat said...

Hi yee_1998. To receive the 100 Viwawa cash, please use the winning account to comment here with your Viwawa username.

Thanks! and congrats!

yee_1998 said...

u mean tell my viwawa account name here?

The Big Cat said...

Yup. =)
We need to confirm that your blogger account and your Viwawa user account both belong to you.

yee_1998 said...

zzz there is a big problem here
the viwawa acc i playing is use my bro email, last time i saw the viwawa thing so i just followed to try my luck and i using my blogger acc which i anyhow create and forget about it so like that how?i myself never create acc in viwawa.

The Big Cat said...

Not an issue. Since the 100 Viwawa cash can only be used, well, in Viwawa, you can:
1. Give it to your brother's account, or anyone else's for that matter.

2. Create a Viwawa account for yourself so you can enjoy the free 100 Viwawa cash.

Just let us know the Viwawa account username and we will allocate it there. =)

yee_1998 said...

oh so easy, em i want give to monster65 my another bro account can?

The Big Cat said...

Done! Thanks for supporting Viwawa!

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