Friday, August 21, 2009

New Viwawa EZLink and Tags!

Viwawa is proud to introduce 2 new Viwawa merchandise items for sale on our Viwawa online shop!

And for this special event, we have also introduced a new Viwawa design!

Sushido Scooter

EZLink (Singapore only)
We are now selling the ACTUAL new EZLink (CEPAS) cards that can be used for public transport in Singapore. They were issued since 29th December 2008, and Singaporeans have until 30th September 2009 to exchange their existing cards to the new one.

You can now print Viwawa designs DIRECTLY on these new EZLink cards, and we will send them straight to your delivery address! They are packaged just like our cashcards.
They cost just S$24.90 each, including packaging, and free delivery (within Singapore)!

Note: the Viwawa EZLinks have no cash value.

These are plastic cards with slots in them, so you can hang them anywhere you want. Around your bags, luggages, mobile phones etc. These credit card sized cards can be a fashionable addition to anything you have!
Costing just S$5.90 each, they also include packaging as perfect gifts.
Delivery to Malaysia/Brunei (Zone 1): additional S$0.60
Delivery to Asia/ Asia Pacific exclude Australia, Japan and New Zealand (Zone 2): additional S$1.00
Delivery to Rest of the world (Zone 3): additional S$1.60


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