Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stwack Arena is here!!

The long awaited Stwack Arena is finally here! The Stwack Arena comes in the form of a new game channel where players will let the system find opponents for them. You won't know who your next opponent will be, but the system will choose the best match based on level difference.

On top of that, players will get 50% MORE GOLD AND EXPERIENCE in the Stwack Arena!

Here's how to start..!

1) Channel Selection
Once the game is loaded, you will be presented with a channel selection screen. Select the "Stwack Arena" to join.

2) Ready Up!
Once in the channel, you will need to click on the large green button to ready up. This will let the system match you with an opponent based on your level.

3) Wait to get matched!
The system will start matching only when there are at least 10 players available. You will get matched very shortly. It may take longer if there are fewer players, but it could be instantaneous when there are a lot more players.

4) Start your match!
Once matched, you will be brought to the usual Stwack prematch screen. Get your skills equipped and click on the ready button! You have up to 100 seconds to prepare, before the system automatically starts the match. Note that once matched, you will not be allowed to leave the match or a penalty will be imposed.

We have also posted a list of frequently asked questions regarding the Stwack Arena in the forum, do check it out for the latest updates!

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