Monday, August 31, 2009

Viwawa Followers Contest Week 31st Aug 09

It's the last day of August, and how time really flies. Our final winner in August for our Viwawa Followers Contest is....

Huang Yi Wen, a follower in our Blog, out of a total of 258 Blog and 239 Twitter followers.

Congrats to Yi Wen!

Please either include your Viwawa username in your Blogger profile, or simply use your Blogger account to comment on this post with the username, and we will credit that Viwawa account with the free 100 Viwawa cash.

1 comment:

cubelover said...

i think u all have to create a new game titled 'rubik's cube'.This game is for compete wiht each other viwawaers the faster the time solve a cube. i am sure this game will becom every popular....i myself like rubiks cube very much but there is no rubiks cube online games....