Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Level 3 Viwawa Clubs Launched!

After some delay, we are proud to un-cap the maximum club level to level 3.
  • You can now level up your Clubs to level 3.


    • Same as level 2 Clubs.
    • Total members expanded to 30.
    • Ability to have Club Insignias.

    • Gold (taken from Club Gold Fund): 180,000
    • Club Exp: 405,000
    • Club Monthly Upkeep: 15,000 gold/month
  • With level 3 Clubs, you can now upload Club Insignias to Viwawa. There are basically 2 types of Club Insignias:
    1. Club Icons
      • These are small icons that will be displayed in the club lists, club and profile pages, and in the future, in games.
      • Requirements: JPG format, 32 x 32 px, less than 10Kb.
    2. Club Banners
      • These bigger banners are mainly displayed in the club and profile pages.
      • Requirements: JPG format, 468 x 60 px, less than 64Kb.
Any image that is uploaded needs to be approved by Viwawa Admin before it will be displayed on your club pages. Any image rejected will have the reasons explained.

Please refer to our Viwawa Clubs Terms and Conditions regarding the image uploads.

Enjoy the new club level, and we are looking forward to the various Club Insignias our creative Viwawa community can create!

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