Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Magus is shutting down..

Dear Magus players,

It comes with deep regret that we will be shutting down Magus on 30th November 2009.

We have deliberated on this decision for a long time and felt that for the long-term benefits of our Magus players, it would be better to introduce a different game which we can ensure the longetivity of our gamers' interests.

We understand many of you have invested time and effort into Magus. We understand your right to feel frustrated with this decision. Again, we want to reinforce that it was not a very easy decision to make. The least we can do is to reward our Magus players for their efforts with the following recognitions and awards.

Magus Badges
First of all, qualified Magus players will be given unique badges for their past support. The badges will be awarded at levels 10, 20, 30, 35 in Magus at its end of life. These badges may be among the most coveted badges since it will never be available again in the future.

Starter Packages
Secondly, we will award special starter packages containing rare items and boosters in the upcoming projectile game to ex-Magus players, depending on level achieved and cash/gold spent in Magus.

More details will be announced nearer to the new game's launch in December 2009.

Thank you for supporting Viwawa.

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