Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Viwawa Game: DEFCON 1

Viwawa is proud to release our newest game, DEFCON 1!

DEFCON 1 is a strategy game where you must build your line of defence against marauding invaders. Defence is key to success. However, you also have powerful troops that await your every command to deal devastation across the frontlines.

We hope that all Viwawa players will enjoy our latest offering. Read our Player Guide to learn how to play it, or DEFCON 1's forum posting for help from fellow players. You can also join DEFCON 1's new Facebook page as a fan!



Hsi Yi En Lea said...

I've just started playing DEFCON 1 and wow it was so interesting! i hope that viwawa can produce more games of this type!

Best wishes, Sherry2008

The Big Cat said...

Thanks for the support! We try to come up with games to cater to all our Viwawa players!