Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Viwawa Game: Buffet Wars

The hotly anticipated new Viwawa game, Buffet Wars, is now available!

Food fights will never be the same again after Buffet Wars.

Buffet Wars is a turn-based, trajectory shooting game whereby players aim and throw delectable food at their opponents in order to stuff their opponents into obese oblivion.

Enter this bizarre and wacky world of food. Try to dish out as much food at your rivals and opponents while trying your best avoid getting hit with something equally delicious too. With a wide selection of recipes available to concoct your Michelin-inspired weapons of bliss, ranging from a cup of coffee to Singapore's "Char Kway Tiao", you will never expect what's coming your way. And that's not all, use crazy skills like "Tornado Potato" to fling yourself out of harm's way.

You can read our Player Guide for more instructions on the game play, or discuss strategies on the Buffet Wars forum!

You can also show your support on our Viwawa Buffet Wars Facebook page.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MatchIt Spring 2010

Train up and get ready to be the brainiac champion of Match It.

Challenge your peers and come out top! Work that brain hard on the 8x8 board. :)

Register now!

Oh, by the way, what did you have for dinner two nights ago?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Buffet Wars Preview

Buffet Wars has been prancing on the verge of launch for the past month, and we're pleased to announce that it will be launched in public beta next week!

The group of beta testers have provided invaluable feedback thus far, and have seen the game fine-tuned and improved over the past 2 weeks. A big round of applause for them!! *clap* *clap* *clap*

Here's a quick glimpse at the upcoming game! You can also add the Buffet Wars Facebook page here:

Preloader for Buffet Wars

Decide between STR and INT to grow your character!

The Buffet Wars shop offers a wide range of costumes and accessories!

The French-loaf themed lobby, you can team up and fight against computer characters!

Equip yourself and get ready for battle! It can take up to 4 players per team!

Take aim at the enemy~

Accumulate team juice and launch the team attack!

And the results!

Review your inventory and perform item enhancements/upgrades here

Upgrades can fail and revert all previous upgrades, so be prepared to take risks!

When the upgrades succeed, you'll love your dishes so much more!

More details and player guides will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wahlords Winter 2009 Results

Congratulations to gohyizheng for being the Champion of Wahlords Winter 2009!

Wahlord gohyizheng has also snatched the Emblem of Freedom from KUKU CLUB for his own club wawastaR.

Wahlord kimbet came in 2nd in this tournament. An epic moment during the semi-finals when he finished off his opponent and sealed his place in the finals with a 1st Round Kill. He won the Emblem of Might for his club, Meonk Funs Club.

Thanks to all the other participants for their part in this Tournament.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Wahlords Winter 2009 Finals!

The fixtures for Wahlords Winter 2009 are out.

Players like NEED_, LuVNick and gohyizheng are all there, fighting for the top honor of Wahlords Winter 2009 Champion!

They will play for the top spot on the 7 January 2010, Thursday, from 2000 hrs to 2300 hrs (+8GMT). We hope all will come and support their favorite players!

Check out the fixtures and details here: