Friday, January 15, 2010

Buffet Wars Preview

Buffet Wars has been prancing on the verge of launch for the past month, and we're pleased to announce that it will be launched in public beta next week!

The group of beta testers have provided invaluable feedback thus far, and have seen the game fine-tuned and improved over the past 2 weeks. A big round of applause for them!! *clap* *clap* *clap*

Here's a quick glimpse at the upcoming game! You can also add the Buffet Wars Facebook page here:

Preloader for Buffet Wars

Decide between STR and INT to grow your character!

The Buffet Wars shop offers a wide range of costumes and accessories!

The French-loaf themed lobby, you can team up and fight against computer characters!

Equip yourself and get ready for battle! It can take up to 4 players per team!

Take aim at the enemy~

Accumulate team juice and launch the team attack!

And the results!

Review your inventory and perform item enhancements/upgrades here

Upgrades can fail and revert all previous upgrades, so be prepared to take risks!

When the upgrades succeed, you'll love your dishes so much more!

More details and player guides will be coming soon. Stay tuned!