Monday, January 4, 2010

Wahlords Winter 2009 Finals!

The fixtures for Wahlords Winter 2009 are out.

Players like NEED_, LuVNick and gohyizheng are all there, fighting for the top honor of Wahlords Winter 2009 Champion!

They will play for the top spot on the 7 January 2010, Thursday, from 2000 hrs to 2300 hrs (+8GMT). We hope all will come and support their favorite players!

Check out the fixtures and details here:


Milena said... seems to be down. I keep getting a HTTP 500 error (cannot display the page) whenever I try to go to it.

The Big Cat said...

Yup, but it's fixed now. Problem was due to an update on our servers, but that same problem should not happen again.

Thanks for the feedback!