Friday, February 19, 2010

Buffet Wars Mini Quests Available NOW!

The mini quests in Buffet Wars are finally available! Now you can get the magic upgrading and enhancement items at a more consistent rate, together with a bit of bonus gold and experience!

Every player is entitled to play one quest at any one time. The quests can be accessed via the new Quest button in the game lobby. Once in the quest window, click on "New Quest" to activate a new quest.

Each quest will typically require completion within 24 hours after activation. The list of requirements to quest completion and current progress will be shown on the right side, along with the bounty for quest completion. Team attacks are not counted towards your quests, but unlike awards, you will get your quest contributions even if you lose the match.

After completing a quest, you can activate another quest again immediately. The quests activated are based on your current level, and will typically award some Gold and Experience, together with a Chilli Powder, Wasabi or Sugar of the respective grade.

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