Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stwack Spring 2010 Phase 1 Results

Stwack Spring 2010 Phase 1 Results is now available. Please refer to them here.

Do note the following points:
1. Finals will be played ONLINE
2. Finals will be on 29/04/2010 Thursday, 8pm - 10pm(+8GMT)
3. Fixture will be created for you. This will be a knock out stage.
4. 3 rounds will be played per match
5. Potions available for competition will be updated on 26/4/2010. Only potions are updated, skills won't be.
6. Winner of the round will be the with the one who survives. Players who leave game while it is going on will be awarded a loss.
7. Winnner of match will proceed to next stage.
8. Do be on time! Competition will start at 8pm (+8GMT) sharp! Late comers will be disqualified.

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