Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wahlords Summer 2010

Congratulations to willy_888 for being the Champion of Wahlords Summer 2010!

It was a tense match up between the final 2 players. Being tied at 1-1, the final match went on all the way to round 22 with both players still at full hp.

Wahlord willy_888 has also earned the Emblem of Might for his club after they lost their Emblem of Freedom in the previous tournament.

Coming in 2nd is former champion gohyizheng who did his club proud by helping retain the Emblem of Freedom.

Not far away in third is LandyLim. A valiant effort after a close encounter with RICKWONG.

Thanks all who participated and supported your peers last night! See you guys in the next tournament!

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