Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mid-Autumn Festival Event!

Some of you might have noticed some new items in the shop:

Mooncake (Click on DISH section of shop)

Mid-Autumn Lanterns (Click on ACCESSORIES, or RECIPES for Rabbit Lantern) - The Rabbit Lantern requires a combination of all the plain coloured lanterns and the recipe to create.

The items will be available for sale until 27th September 2010. After which, they will not be available for sale until the possibly the next mid-autumn festival. The items you purchase are permanent even after the festival.

A special Mid-Autumn Festival badge will be awarded to those who own both the Rabbit Lantern and Mooncake. This will only be awarded after 27th September 2010.

A special limited pet called Bunny is also available now for the Mid-Autumn Festival period only, so get it now while its still available!

(click on PET section of shop)

Wishing all players a very Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! (:


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