Friday, November 26, 2010

New boss, items and map released for Buffet Wars!

We have just released a new boss for Buffet Wars! Get ready for Kraken!
The Kraken will have more tricks up it's sleeve than Marzimomo, time to plan your strategies and get ready for the next boss of Buffet Wars!

The usual rules for summoning boss will apply, please refer to the original boss thread for details.

You can also get your hands on new Buffet Wars items!
* Scuba Mask
Could be useful against the Kraken?

* Husky Puppy
A pet with minimal attack power

* Kraken Set
Not for sale. Collect all by defeating the Kraken! (including Kraken Tentacle Recipe)

Finally, enjoy the new underwater map where you would be able to claim your big octopus prize!

Play Buffet Wars now and have an underwater good time!

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