Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wahlords Monster Bash & Boss Updates

1. Monster Bash - Desert Map
A new PVE (Player vs Enemy) mode where players team up to kill as many monsters as possible.

The monsters are easy to kill initially, but as you clear them, more and stronger monsters will appear. It's a fight for survival!

In this release, Monster Bash is available only in the Desert Map. We will release the other maps for Monster Bash mode in subsequent updates.

The monsters will get stronger and in higher numbers as you kill them, play as a team in order to survive!

Currently, there are awards for cumulative kills and kills in a single turn, more awards may be released in the future.

Lastly, your kills are recorded and will be displayed in a leader board which will be up later.

2. Boss Summoners
Boss summoners are available as free item drops in the Monster Bash mode. Summoned bosses will not affect the usual boss-spawn timings, but each player can only summon the same boss once in every 4 hours (similar to Buffet Wars)

3. Time Extenders
Mystic clocks will be available as free item drops in the Monster Bash mode. 3 clocks will be available, 1 for each set of boss items with expiries. Each clock extends the expiry by 1 week.
Lava Soul Mystic Clock can be used on any Lava Soul equipment with an expiry

4. New Items
Some of the high level weapons/shields will be available for sale.

5. For sale!
Boss summoners and mystic clocks will be made available for sale, by popular demand.

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