Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Wahjong Awards and Statistics!

New awards for Wahjong have been launched, check them out in the awards tab and stats button in the game!
The statistics window allows you to keep track of your achievements.

The statistics and awards tracking starts from 26 Jan 2011 10:00am +8GMT.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Viwawa Sushido Harvest is now a No.1 free app!

Our new Viwawa Sushido Havest has just reached No.1 Free iPhone® App in the Singapore App Store.

We would like to thank all the downloaders, especially our loyal Viwawa gamers for the support.

Please stay tuned as we would be updating this game to bring more fun and features!

Download this FREE game now, and see how many sushi recipes you can collect!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Wawa emoticons. Download for free!

We have added some wawa emoticons into Big 2.5 and will be adding them to some other games soon. Some of them are available for use in instant messengers like MSN as well.

Feel free to use them.

You can also download the entire set here and add into your Windows Live Messenger or any instant messenger as custom emoticons.

Update (24th Jan 2010): The emoticons have been added to Viwawa Forums, MatchIt, Checkmate, Sushido, Zany Bridge, Wahlords, Numeroid, and Groword, in addition to Big 2.5. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Level 5 Club Chat improvements

We have made some changes to the Club Chat feature for Level 5 clubs, based on feedback from our beloved Viwawa Club members. 2 of the most requested changes are:

1. Increased chat idle time. Now, you need not worry about getting logged off when you leave the chat alone for too long.

2. Expandable chat area, when the window containing the chat is dragged.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Viwawa Sushido harvest app launched for iPhone®/iPod touch®

We have released our next iPhone®/iPod touch® game, Sushido Harvest, and its ripe for the picking!

Sushido Harvest is a new variation of the ever popular coin drop arcade game.

Let your cucumber fall into one of the many trays at the bottom and form 3 cucumbers in a row or better, and stand a chance on harvesting a sushi reward. Be careful not to let 2 coins to fall into the same tray or you will lose them all!

Download this FREE game now, and see how many sushi recipes you can collect!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Viwawa Auspicious 8 Event - 12th Jan to 12th Feb 2011

Viwawa will be giving out a special bundle of items AND a chance to win in a lucky draw for the following payment options:

1. PayPal
2. S.A.M (Singapore Only)
3. Cheque
4. Viwawa Scratch Cards
6. MOL

Each time a player has completed a successful minimum of 500 Viwawa Cash top up via any of the options above, he/she will receive an Viwawa Auspicious 8 bundle!

The Viwawa Auspicious 8 bundle contains the following goodies:

Buffet Wars: (8) Pet food

Stwack: (8) Rejuvination pots

Sushido: (8) Green tea refills, (8) Sake refills, (8) Wasabi refills

Big 2.5: (8) Shift skill

Match It: (8) Third Hand Skill

Numeroid X: (8) 2 Color Ball(E)

Additionally, each top up via the following options above entitles the player a chance to take part in a lucky draw dip where 8 lucky winners gets the chance to win +8 Bak Kwa in Buffet Wars!

This promotion is only valid for the player by topping up their Viwawa Cash via the options as stated above from 12th January till 12th Feburary 2011. The bundle will be awarded immediately after the top up is successful. Winners of the +8 Bak Kwa will be informed seperately by 18th Feburary 2011.

Hurry and top up your Viwawa Cash now!

Wahlords Monster Bash & Healing Totem Updates!

Monster Bash Lava Map

The Lava Map has been released in the Monster Bash! New awards and rankings are available for this map, it will prove to be more difficult than the original Desert Monster Bash!

Healing Totem

The healing totem has been released! The healing totem functions like a bomb, except that it is consumed with every use. For now, it is not for sale and will be available as random item drops in Monster Bash.

The AP cost of the healing totem is very high and is designed to be useful only in Monster Bash or Boss mode if you try to heal your entire team -- it will not allow you to prolong your survival in monster bash indefinitely.

Bonus Healing Totems

To get everyone started, all players who are above level 3 and have completed at least a match in from 1 Nov 2010 to 10 Jan 2011 will receive 5 Healing Totems FREE!