Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wahlords Monster Bash & Healing Totem Updates!

Monster Bash Lava Map

The Lava Map has been released in the Monster Bash! New awards and rankings are available for this map, it will prove to be more difficult than the original Desert Monster Bash!

Healing Totem

The healing totem has been released! The healing totem functions like a bomb, except that it is consumed with every use. For now, it is not for sale and will be available as random item drops in Monster Bash.

The AP cost of the healing totem is very high and is designed to be useful only in Monster Bash or Boss mode if you try to heal your entire team -- it will not allow you to prolong your survival in monster bash indefinitely.

Bonus Healing Totems

To get everyone started, all players who are above level 3 and have completed at least a match in from 1 Nov 2010 to 10 Jan 2011 will receive 5 Healing Totems FREE!

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