Wednesday, February 2, 2011

CNY 2011 Ang Pow Event in Buffet Wars!

Fortune Ang Pow Event ~ 3 to 17 28 Feb 2011

Collect ingots in PVE mode and exchange them for fortune ang pows!

There are 4 different ang pows to collect. If all 4 players in a team equips the complete set of ang pows during the event, the team will gain 50% more gold!

Complete the entire set of ang pows and you will be awarded a special ang pow badge at the end of the event!

* Viwawa Superfriends will get 50% more ingot drops!

New Items

- God of Fortune's Beard
- God of Fortune's Hat
- Baby Abalone (dish)
- Giant Abalone (dish)

Update: We have extended the Fortune Ang Pow Event to 28th Feb 2011.

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